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Saturday, March 26, 2011

New Discovery

I don't know how long this has been around, but it was a new discovery for us today! Nathan loves drawing (or telling me what to draw) with sidewalk chalk. He could stay out for hours with chalk. I saw this at walmart today and I just had to give it a try. It came with three big bottles of paint, a paint brush, a roller paint brush, and a tray for your paint.

I have to say, this is going to be one of our new favorite things to do outside!!

Meme's Birthday

We had Meme's birthday at our house this year!
Reese played the piano flute while we sang happy birthday!

Happy Birthday Meme!! We love you!

Reese is 6!

Our favorite 6 year old celebrated his birthday party at Chuck E Cheese!! All the kids had a blast!

Nathan really enjoyed putting the tokens in for his games

Pizza time!!!

Chuck E Cheese came out and gave Reese a special birthday crown!

He also got a birthday boy medal...

and then got on stage and danced with Chuck E!

It was a pretty special day for Reese!

He got lots of tickets in the ticket blaster too.

Happy 6th Birthday Reese! We love you!

Zoo Trip 2011

Over spring break, we went to the zoo with some friends. I was really excited to take Nathan because this would be the first time that he actually knew what he was looking at. He LOVES to play with animals and make their sounds, so I knew he would be so excited to see real animals.

I was right...he loved it!!

This cheetah kept coming on the glass and growling at us. Nathan thought it was hilarious, he kept laughing at it. It was so cute.

When we walked in the rhino barn, he said "eww, that's nasty!" It did stink pretty bad in there!

He loved seeing the elephants. He would point at them and say, "look momma, big elephant!"

Then he started making their sound using his arm like a trunk.

We even got to feed the birds....

Then we gave the fish and ducks some food...

We ended the trip with a little petting zoo fun!

We had a great day. I think we will back soon since he loved it so much!!