"As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord"

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Answered Prayer

The Bible tells us in the book of James that "The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective." A lot of times we pray for people, who are sick and need healing, but never really see the answers to the prayers up close and personal. Yes, we see our prayers get answered, but not always in a tangible way. I guess what I am trying to say is, there are many sick people on my prayer list that need prayer. I always pray for these people, some of them I know, others I don't. I usually just get updates every week at bible study and either cross people off or add more to the list. About two months ago some dear friends of ours had a beautiful baby girl, Madelyn. Maddie struggled the first few weeks of her life. Our church group, family, friends, and everyone I knew was praying for this little girl and her family. Through God's grace, Madelyn is at home and doing great with her mommy and daddy. She still has a few issues, but they are getting worked out. I got to hold her today for the first time! As I was holding her, I couldn't help but stop and thank God for our ANSWERED PRAYERS!!! God is amazing! We don't always see the "fruits of our labor" up close like that, but to hold this precious child in my arms, knowing that it is by grace, is something I will never forget. It was truly a blessing to see her today. (and her mom and dad)

Is she not beautiful????

Stacy loved holding her just as much!

Smile for the camera....

Come on, give me one!

getting closer......

Don't get tired on us....we just want one smile....

There it is!!!! ;) Thanks Madelyn!!


We even got 2 smiles!!

Thanks Kathryn for sharing your miracle with us today!

Thank you Lord, for hearing my prayers!

Monday, November 23, 2009


This weekend was filled with all kinds of blessings. First of all, Friday night was scrapbooking at the church. Once a month the ladies in the church get together and scrap from 5 -12. It is always a great night of fun and fellowship. My mom always comes too, so I get to spend the night doing one of my FAVORITE hobbies, and enjoy some of my favorite people, (my mom and sister), plus the ladies of the church. Unfortunately Matthew was on nights this weekend, so Judy and Rex offered to keep Nathan. He had a great time with them, as usual! They are such special people. Have I mentioned we are blessed? Because we are! They did take a few pictures of the night:

I think they were "trying" to be funny here, but notice that Nathan didn't leave the OU hat on for long!!! He is raised right!

Way to go Nathan......Hook 'Em Horns!

Look Mommy and Daddy....O WHO?????

Saturday was an extremely busy day. It started off with a family thanksgiving. We headed to Whitehouse to eat with my family. Have I mentioned lately how blessed we are to have ouor family? Because we are! We always take pictures at thanksgiving. Here are a few.

Our family

Uncle James, Aunt Laura, and Reese

Our little stud muffin!
Uncle Robert and his two great nephews

PawPaw and Gammy loving on Nathan

The boys played the usual game of basketball

Sis played with Nathan and Reese

Gammy showing off Nathan...he loves her!

Nathan loving on his greatgrandmother...Nanny

Enjoying his first thanksgiving meal!

Sis tried out the bib!

He enjoyed his 1st Thanksgiving

My best friend!!!

Have I mentioned that we are blessed? Because we are!

I had to leave a little early because of our homecoming game that was Saturday. We do not have football at our school so we celebrate homecoming during basketball. Did I pick a good school or what? All teams won! Way to go Lady Mustangs and Mustangs!

Nathan and Jojo, junior princess

Nathan and Maddie playing in the lockerroom

Nathan and Judy walking around outside

Nathan showing off his garter

Me and Nathan!

Nathan and Amanda....senior princess

It was a LONG but FUN day. On Sunday we went to church and had another thanksgiving meal, which Nathan loved.

We had a very long weekend. Sunday night, we were so exhausted. So we put on our pjs early and just played around the house.

Have I mentioned that we are blessed? Beacause we are!

Blessings of the weekend:

1)Fun and fellowship at the church

2)Great friends in the community to help with our child

3) Safe travel

4) Family time

5)Great Food

6)Safe travel

7) Victorious games

8) Great friends in the community to help with our child

9) Great church

10) Great fellowship with people at our church

11) Great family

12) Great food

13)Relaxing time at home

14) and the list can go on and on!

Have you stopped to count your blessings lately? We live in such a fast-paced world, that we get caught up in everything else. Don't forget to stop for a moment today and thank God for all the wonderful blessings he gives us each and every day!

Thursday, November 12, 2009


This has been a VERY busy weekend and week for the Skinner family. It started off on Friday, when Matthew and Nathan headed to the deer lease. I couldn't go until Saturday due to basketball practice, but that didn't stop Matthew from taking his favorite little guy. They had so much the first night. They got to sit around the campfire, play with his grandparents, great-grandparents, aunt,  cousin, and Nathan got to have his first ever grill cheese. He LOVED it.

Nathan and Reese around the fire.

Nathan and his Gammy

Matthew giving Nathan his first grill cheese! You can tell by the cheeks that he loved it!

I got to the lease Saturday afternoon. I couldn't wait to see my boys. I was also really excited about getting in the deer stannd. I love the quiet and still time that I get. I love looking at God's creation!

Here are some pictures of us in our camo, getting ready to go in the woods!

We didn't get a deer, although we saw a few. None of them were big enough to shoot. It is so fun to go to the deer lease and just get away from everything!

My dad turns 50 next week, so we decided to have him a suprise party at the deer lease. Nathan and Reese made him a sign:

Then they helped him blow out the candles on the cake that Reese made! I love their smiles in this picure.

Then we watched PawPaw open his presents!

We ended the evening having our very own fall festival for Reese. He got sick on Halloween and missed the one at the school, so his mom put one together for the deer lease! It was so much fun, she did a great job. Reese has such a great mom! Here are a few (ok, a lot) of pics from the night.

The Green Monster and Batman!

Batman and CatWoman

The first game was shooting a target

The second game was "Be a Builder"

Game Three: Bobbing for apples

Game Four: CrAzY pUmPkIn BoWlInG

The Last game of the night was pumpkin painting

It was an awesome night! The boys had a lot of fun.

Meme and Paw were there and enjoyed watching their great-grandsons!

Reese and Nathan loved having them there as well!

We ended the weekend with dad cooking some hot wings, and just hanging out as a family playing games, and laughing together. I am so blessed to have the wonderful family that I have.

Nathan enjoyed his first "opening weekend" at the deer lease.

As I said in one of my earlier posts, Nathan went in for his 9 month check-up. He was such a big boy at the dr's office. His check-up went great! I am so thankful for such a healthy baby boy.

This week was also another first for Nathan. I had a basketball game at Liberty-Eylau, which is three hours from where we live. We weren't going to be in until really late that night/ early the next morning. Matthew was working, and Aunt Stacy had OAP practice, my parents were still at the deer lease, so Nathan got to stay with his Martin's Mill grandparents, Rex and Judy. He had so much fun with them. They are such an awesome example to us all, and I am so very thankful to know them. Nathan LOVED them. Judy took this picture that night which captures only part of the fun night they had for my precious baby.

Nathan was playing with Rex here. What fun it looks like they were having. We love you Rex and Judy!

We have had a very busy week at the skinner household. It will end on Saturday with another basketball game, which Nathan will be attending. We feel so blessed with the family and friends that we have. I don't think I could make it without them.

Thank you Lord for EVERYTHING you have given me.