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Monday, November 2, 2009

Prayer Request

Rex and Judy Presley are a very special couple to me. Tomorrow at 3:00pm Rex will be having surgery to remove some pollups. 95% of the time it turns out to be cancer. We do not know yet whether it is or not, but will know more after the surgery. If it is cancer, Rex will have to go through chemo. Please keep this couple in your prayers. They will be staying the night in the hospital tomorrow and coming home on Wednesday. As I said earlier, these people are very special to me. Please pray for strength for Rex during surgery and for Judy to be all that she needs to be for Rex. Please pray that she stays strong for him, and that she gets some rest. Pray for the doctor's, give them the wisdom they need to make the surgery go smoothly. Thanks so much!

Me and Judy


  1. I'll be praying! mom

  2. Praying...I just love them. I wonder if they realize how special they are to so many people?? Love the pictures of your little Nathan! I know we didn't really get to know you before we left Martin's Mill but I enjoyed finding your blog today. Hope ya'll are doing well.

  3. Been praying all day - hard to not cry this morning when I went to hug her and love her before she left. We have known them for 7 years now, and known them well for almost 5 - they are both the best people!