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Sunday, November 1, 2009


This past weekend we celebrated Nathan's first Halloween. He had such a good time! I love him so much and so thankful for every moment I have with him. The celebration started Friday with a party at the day care.

Nathan's TaTa made him his very own special FIRST cupcakes!


He also got lots of goodies from all his friends

He is making sure that his Daddy is watching him open his gifts!

Aunt Stacy came to see his first halloween party. She is so sweet and Nathan is so lucky to have her.

He was too interested in playing, but I had to get a quick picture with him!

Nathan and his Daddy!

Nathan and his TaTa!!

Giving his TaTa kisses before we leave. We are so blessed to have someone watch him that loves him so much!! He loves you TaTa.

One last picture before we left the day care!

Reese was going to get to come with his mom to the party but he fell asleep right before it was time to go, so we went to see him before we went home. Nathan had a surprise for him!

Reese had a surprise for Nathan too!

Look what I got!!

Uncle Chris gave Nathan some more sugar!!

I guess you can tell that he ENJOYED it!

Sweet cousins. Reese calls Nathan his "cousin-brother"
They are so cute!

Saturday was the fall festival at the school. The costume contest started at 6:30 followed by the games and booths opening at 7:00. I couldn't wait to get him all dressed up in his costume and go show him off. Nathan spent Friday night with Gammy and PawPaw because Matthew had to work early Saturday morning and I had a scrimmage in Princeton that I needed to leave at 7:00 am for. When I got back from the scrimmage, Gammy and PawPaw brought Nathan to me. We dressed up this little cutie!

Happy Halloween from a green monster!

Is that not the cutest Monster you have ever seen?

Nathan and his Gammy

I love this guy!

Sugar has never gone a halloween where we didn't dress her up, although she doesn't get as much attention now that Nathan is here, she still got dressed up and had her picture taken...with Nathan of course!

They were both Monsters!!

Mimi and Papa showed up right before it was time to head to the school and enter in the costume contest!

Nathan and Mimi at the gym

Making silly faces with his buddy JoJo!!

Just waiting our turn!

Matthew got off work just in time...he came straight there!

Nathan and his friends at the contest. This year was the first ever 7-way tie for first place! They were all so cute, the judges had a hard time picking, so we got 1st!!

After the costume contest, it was time to head outside and play some games.

Matthew was glad that he got off!

Nathan hooped the mustang on his own!! Some of my students in the background were proud of him!

Picking a duck out of the duck pond to win a prize!

Picking his candy!

This was his favorite game all night! He picked suckers, then got to take some licks!!

We played this several times, :)

Enjoying a few licks

Going to Annettes booth!

Kissing mommy!! (my favorite picture of the whole night)

Reese was going to get to come as batman, but right before time to leave, he got sick and wasn't able to come. He was so sad. So Nathan got extra candy from all the booths to take to Reese. We didn't let Nathan get close to Reese in case it was contagious, but Reese was glad to get to see the little monster from a distance. Nathan played with Reese's horses for a few minutes before we headed home for the night.

We made it home and Nathan got to check out his goodies from the evening.

He had so much fun!

Look what I got Mom!

He found all the suckers he won!

We had such a great time this weekend with Nathan. There is so much joy that comes with this little guy. Everytime he smiles, my world gets a little a brighter. As I said earlier, I am so thankful for every moment with him. He is a JOY!!!!

Psalm 66:1 says " Shout with joy to God, all the earth!

Thank you Lord for giving me Nathan, I know that all my Joy is because of you!


  1. We needed a picture of him crying when you took that green twizzler away! I loved that. He is a joy and you are blessed, we are all blessed that God gave you Nathan and we get to share in the joy that he brings.

  2. cutiest little monster I've ever seen! Such a joy to get to share these times with my children and grandchildren. Gammy