"As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord"

Monday, November 23, 2009


This weekend was filled with all kinds of blessings. First of all, Friday night was scrapbooking at the church. Once a month the ladies in the church get together and scrap from 5 -12. It is always a great night of fun and fellowship. My mom always comes too, so I get to spend the night doing one of my FAVORITE hobbies, and enjoy some of my favorite people, (my mom and sister), plus the ladies of the church. Unfortunately Matthew was on nights this weekend, so Judy and Rex offered to keep Nathan. He had a great time with them, as usual! They are such special people. Have I mentioned we are blessed? Because we are! They did take a few pictures of the night:

I think they were "trying" to be funny here, but notice that Nathan didn't leave the OU hat on for long!!! He is raised right!

Way to go Nathan......Hook 'Em Horns!

Look Mommy and Daddy....O WHO?????

Saturday was an extremely busy day. It started off with a family thanksgiving. We headed to Whitehouse to eat with my family. Have I mentioned lately how blessed we are to have ouor family? Because we are! We always take pictures at thanksgiving. Here are a few.

Our family

Uncle James, Aunt Laura, and Reese

Our little stud muffin!
Uncle Robert and his two great nephews

PawPaw and Gammy loving on Nathan

The boys played the usual game of basketball

Sis played with Nathan and Reese

Gammy showing off Nathan...he loves her!

Nathan loving on his greatgrandmother...Nanny

Enjoying his first thanksgiving meal!

Sis tried out the bib!

He enjoyed his 1st Thanksgiving

My best friend!!!

Have I mentioned that we are blessed? Because we are!

I had to leave a little early because of our homecoming game that was Saturday. We do not have football at our school so we celebrate homecoming during basketball. Did I pick a good school or what? All teams won! Way to go Lady Mustangs and Mustangs!

Nathan and Jojo, junior princess

Nathan and Maddie playing in the lockerroom

Nathan and Judy walking around outside

Nathan showing off his garter

Me and Nathan!

Nathan and Amanda....senior princess

It was a LONG but FUN day. On Sunday we went to church and had another thanksgiving meal, which Nathan loved.

We had a very long weekend. Sunday night, we were so exhausted. So we put on our pjs early and just played around the house.

Have I mentioned that we are blessed? Beacause we are!

Blessings of the weekend:

1)Fun and fellowship at the church

2)Great friends in the community to help with our child

3) Safe travel

4) Family time

5)Great Food

6)Safe travel

7) Victorious games

8) Great friends in the community to help with our child

9) Great church

10) Great fellowship with people at our church

11) Great family

12) Great food

13)Relaxing time at home

14) and the list can go on and on!

Have you stopped to count your blessings lately? We live in such a fast-paced world, that we get caught up in everything else. Don't forget to stop for a moment today and thank God for all the wonderful blessings he gives us each and every day!


  1. That made me cry! We are so blessed...I tend to take it for granted...I just focus so much on what I want that I forget what I have! Thank you for reminding me, I love you! =) You are my best friend too...couldn't make it without you, your support, your honesty, your love, and your encouragement.

  2. Your relationship with Stacy is inspiring to me! I am praying my sister and I will develop a friendship like you and Stacy! Love the pictures!