"As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord"

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Goodie Bags

Basketball practice today after school was a rough one. We couldn't do a drill right, or anything for that matter. We couldn't pass, catch, or shoot. It is so frustrating to watch when you know that you are so much better than that. We went for 40 extra minutes today because of it.

 I couldn't wait to get Nathan from day care and just see his little face smiling at me. I knew it would make me forget the horrible practice we had just had.

Doesn't that face smiling so brightly make you smile? It makes me forget about EVERYTHING and just have joy in my heart!

Much to my surprise, when I got home, Gammy and PawPaw had come by for a visit. Nathan LOVES them so much! He was happy to have some time with them. While Nathan was playing with them, I looked around the house, and the laundry was done, the house was clean,  fresh sheets on my bed, and dinner was on the oven! Matthew was off today and did all that by himself! I am so thankful for him and I love him SOOO much. He is the perfect guy for me. I love you Matthew!

He is my best friend!!

Dinner was awesome. We had homemade shrimp alfredo. Matthew is an awesome cook. Nathan loved having his daddy home tonight. It is so hard when Matthew is on the night shift, so it was great to have a night at home with him. We had a lot of fun playing.

I love this little guy!
 We took so many pictures tonight.

He was starting to get really sleepy, so we laid him down for a nap. When he woke up, he ate dinner and then helped me put together the goodie bags for his day care party on Friday.

Sugar was trying to help too. ( I think she may have been more interested in the rice krispy treats we were putting in the bags)

Nathan was more interested in them too!

Looking at Mommy!

Looking at Daddy!

We had such a great night. Matthew gave Nathan his bath. He loves his bath time so much, he cries when it is time to get out. He would stay in there forever. We have to force him out because the water starts to get cold.

Sad to get out.

Happy now because he has his Daddy!

Ready for bed. Good Night Mommy!

I feel so blessed to have the family that I have. I often wonder what I did to deserve all this, but I am quickly reminded that I do not deserve any of this. It is by God's grace that I recieve everything I have! We serve an awesome God.

Thank you God for not giving me what I deserve!


  1. Sounds like the perfect night to me! You are blessed, as is the rest of our family having you, Matthew & Nathan in it. LOVE THE PICTURES!!! We are very lucky that God gives us more than we deserve. He's such a loving Father! Love you, Gammy

  2. I love being home with you and Nathan. I am very blessed to have a family who loves and supports me. I like reading the blog. Keep it up. Love you lots love. LOL.