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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Here we come...

Headed to the regional tournament this weekend at TJC. We play the regional semi-final game at 10:00am. If we win that game, we will play in the regional final game (which the winner of goes to the state tournament in Austin) Saturday morning at TJC at 10:00. I am so proud of these girls and all the hard work they put in, it pays off!

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  1. Me too! Love watching you guys!! I have loved watching these girls and you for many years...wishing you guys the best, you deserve it. I don't care how many times you have been to the regional/state tournament it is still special and a lasting memory for a new team with a new set of challenges each year. However, 7 years in a row to the regional tournament is an amazing accomplishment in itself but doesn't make it less of a big deal for this team! Good luck Lady Mustangs - go get that title! Love you!