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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Nathan with his girls....

Nathan and I were at the house last Saturday night and we heard the back garage door open. When we looked up, we saw Madi and Haily. They came over to suprise us and to play with Nathan. I enjoyed there company, even though it was really Nathan's company, because when Matthew is on nights, it gets really lonely sometimes. Nathan was so excited to see them. He got his Halloween costume and started trying to scare them. Note: he won't actually put it on :)

Here he is scaring Madi....that is his girlfriend he says.

I think he got her!

Then it was Haily's turn!

Haily put it on and started chasing him around the house! :)

They were having so much fun!

Then they gave the T-Rex a drink, because he was thirsty after all that playing :)

I'm so thankful Nathan has people in his life (other than family of course) who love him and make time to spend with him.

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