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Friday, November 4, 2011

Halloween at Gammy's

The weekend before Halloween, we spent Saturday at my mom's house. She had several things planned for the kids to enjoy. Then we watched the Rangers in the World Series. It was a fun filled day.

The first thing we did was spider painting

Nathan always concentrates so hard when he does anything.

Reese getting started on his

Gammy helping the boys

Nathan didn't want to smile, just wanted to show off his work.... :)

Later, we had monster cupcakes to decorate..

The finished products

After the cupcakes, it was time for some monster punch...

It was great!

Lastly, we carved/decorated pumpkins.

Nathan kept re-arranging the pumpkin face, here is his pumpkin and my mickey mouse pumpkin.

All the adults participated...

It was a great day and we did lots of fun things...thanks gammy for having us.

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