"As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord"

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I am writing tonight with an extremely heavy heart. I honestly don't have the words to say exactly what I feel. My heart breaks when people that I care deeply about are hurt. My heart breaks when I see things being done that shouldn't be done, my heart breaks when my son is sick, my heart breaks when our town is hit by a tornado, my heart breaks for a country that has been hit by two earthquakes, my heart breaks for someone I love not being able to have something they want so badly, my heart breaks when I can't fix things and make everyone and everything better. I know all the encouraging things that need to be said, and know that God is in control and that all things happen for a reason. However, I can't change the way I feel tonight....my heart is breaking for the ones I love, for the things that are important to me that  I can't fix. My heart is heavy tonight.


  1. I will direct your steps -- Proverbs 3:5-6
    Cast all your cares on me -- I Peter5:7
    I will supply all your needs -- Philippians 4:19

    We will never understand why things do and do not happen, but Trust Me, God sees the whole picture, He is in control and His will is best!
    We just need to keep praying for His will.
    And thank Him for his blessings, and thank Him that he doesn't always give us what we ask for, but He gives us what is best, His will be done.
    I'm thankful you have such a caring heart, and I pray along with you for healing, for those I love to be blessed with what they asking for, for wisdom to know God's will and to be able to
    share it with others, and to help others.
    I pray that christians will be able to let God use them to show His love to those hurting, and that all will come closer to Him.

    Love you, Mom

  2. Your heart breaks because you strive to be like Christ - His heart breaks too. You are an incredible witness - use your heartbreak to minister. I love you and wish you were not so "heavy" praying for you.

  3. oh, sweetie - when I read this, i felt as though i could have written the same thing...i've felt very similar to this over the past few weeks as well. love you katie & will be praying for you & your sweet heart.