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Monday, February 1, 2010

Thanks Dad!

Nathan got a climber for his birthday from his Gammy and PawPaw. Since we are in the process of moving, we decided to wait until we get into our new house to open it.

We have boxes piled high in our dining room right now, in front of the boxes is the box with his climber in it. It has a picture of the climber on the front. Everyday Nathan crawl over to the box and points to it. I swear he is saying, "please open this for me," but he really just grunts! He even points at it from across the room and grunts. It is so cute. It has taken longer than expected to get into our house, so we gave in tonight. Matthew put the climber together!

He was SOOO excited!

He was helping dad put it together

"Like this dad!"

All finished!

Thanks dad!


  1. He looks SO cute and big!! Miss you guys!

  2. Thanks...he IS getting so big! Miss you too!

  3. Glad he is enjoying it! He is growing up so fast. Love him much!!! Gammy & Pawpaw

  4. The cutest pictures...ever! That must have been after I left last night. Can't wait to watch him play in it.