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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Zoo Trip

Today, Nathan and I went to the zoo with some special friends. Nathan is at the age where he is really enjoying trying to make animal sounds. He would see all the animals and get so excited. He would scream and then follow it with trying to make the sound. It was so cute. He really enjoyed today. I can't wait to take him more!
Here is a picture of the group: Logan, Riley, Nathan, and Kolbi

Nathan liked looking at the elephants

He also loved looking at the aquarium

He also enjoyed feeding the ducks and saying "QUACK, QUACK"

But his absolute FAVORITE part was feeding the birds. I think that all the kids enjoyed this the best. Their faces in these pictures are priceless!

He was trying so hard to get the birds to land on his stick and eat the seed off it

Riley got a bird...
Then Kolbi....

And Logan....

Nathan was still trying so hard

Kolbi's started flying at her....
Riley got one on her shoulder....

Nathan was still trying really hard....

He finally got some help....and finally got to hold a bird!

Before we left, we took a trip through the petting zoo.

We had a great day at the zoo with some great friends!


  1. Hat looks cute on him, it does fit him really well!

  2. Hi! Katie, These pics are really cute! Loved those shots with the birds! I just love seeing pics of everyone's kids in various happenings! Very Sweet!(just the simplicity of Life!:)