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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Truth is good!

So you would have had to of read my last post The Truth Hurts to understand this one.

I don't really understand why the truth hurts. In my opinion, and I know that I think differently than most people, the truth doesn't hurt at all. I would much rather have someone tell me the truth than lie to me, or dilute something. I would hope that most people would feel the same way, but I don't know. If you wouldn't want someone to lie to you, then why do we get so upset when someone actually tells us the truth?

 Just something to think about I guess.


  1. I know I don't always say exactly what I'm thinking or the truth I guess because I don't want my "thoughts to hurt" someone that I love. However when it comes to something more than just my opinion then yes, the truth is good even when we don't want to hear it. I think someone who is willing to tell you something like that really loves you and I appreciate that about you!

  2. Easier said than done. It is important to tell the truth. And if you really love someone, somestimes you have to tell them the truth, even though it will hurt them. But then be there to help them through it. But truth and opinion are two different things. Truth needs to be delivered with love and understanding if it's going to be hard to hear. And sometimes, people aren't ready for it. I don't think you should lie to people, but little white lies, to spare feelings, on things that aren't that important, are okay I think.

  3. Hi! Katie, this was interesting! The truth is a very important part of our "peace", and what more do I desire is that "Peace" that passes understanding!, and that sticker I think was a suttle way of expressing the truth!, but I also think that sometimes we need a "suttle explanation of the truth!, and the anonyomous comment about the little white lies might be ok? Well, God says SIN IS SIN. My opinion is that there are no White Lies, big or little! Thanks for the thoughts on this. Have A BLESSED WEEK!