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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Fort Nathan

My parents are pretty amazing, and they build forts for their grand boys. Fort Nathan was complete this year at Thanksgiving, but it was too cold and rainy to go outside for him to see it. This weekend, we had a tournament in Winnsboro, which is 15 miles from their house. They graciously opened their home to us to rest between games. (more on that later) While we were there, Nathan got to see his fort and play on it. To say he LOVED it would be an understatement. Here are the pictures of him playing on it.

Thanks Gammy and PawPaw, I love my fort and I love y'all!


  1. You are welcome sweetie. We love you too!
    Gammy & PawPaw

  2. oh my word, that is adorable! what a great idea!