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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

High 5 to the Sky 5K!

On June 11th, we participated in the "High 5 To The Sky 5K" in honor of our Uncle Kip. He went to be with the Lord right about a year ago. He was a runner and it was something that he enjoyed with his kids, so in his memory, they put on a 5K in his name. It was great! Several people came out and helped support a great cause. This was Matthew and Nathan's first 5K with me!

Reading all the signs made me tear up....

This is all of the family that was there participating

My friend Alice came too!

Nathan was excited that his aunt stay-say, was going to push him!

He making sure everything was just right with his stroller :)

About to start...

I just finished H52S!

Then Matthew finished!

I went back and helped Stacy, so we could all run through the finish line together!

Nathan was so excited to be "running"

My family!!

My sister, aunt Laura, and cousin Travis came. It was really special to  me that came and honor a man that I deeply loved! (it wasn't on there side of the family) I really appreciate that!

My sister/best friend!

My Sister in law, Jamie!

The Skinner family that participated! We missed you Danny, Kelly, and Kyle!

Sweet Cousins!

Me and Traci, the girl who put it all together....GREAT JOB!! Your dad would be so proud of you!!

Me and sweet Aunt Vicki! It was a great day with some great people!!

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