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Friday, May 28, 2010

Family Fish Fry

This post is a little late, but too much fun not to blog about. This past weekend we had our Lloyd family fish fry. It is so hard to get everyone together, but this year, all but one person was here. It was so good to see everyone and catch up. My parents are pretty much awesome and they hosted it at their house. Here are some pictures from the day.

Bub, Chris, Travis, Jessica, Justin

Paw and Truman

Jay, Luke, Sondra, Laura Jane, Kim, James, and Javin

Aunt Laura, Stacy, Me, Nanny, and Meme

Uncle Ray, Alan, Laura Jane, Annie, and Uncle Robert

Reed, Nathan, and Will

Kim, James, and Nathan

Nathan playing with the bubbles

He likes to try it by himself now, he's such a big boy

More bubbles

He was a Gammy's boy that day, he kept saying "Mammy"
It was too cute.

Chris and Bub playing washers

Nathan talking Aunt Stacy into more brownies!

Aunt Laura, Chris, Laura Jane, and Sondra

I called this section the "assisted living section"
I pretty much got slapped after I said it though. LOL :)

Travis had an unusal throw.
Nice follow through!

My Daddy throwing washers

Aunt Clara, Annie, and Reed

Kaylnn and Reese, they were big buddies

I looked over and saw Nathan standing like this.....

Uncle James saved him and helped him out!

Me throwing washers

Sis came inside with Nathan so he could cool off, he had to strip down after the fountain incident.

It was a great day! Thanks mom and dad for hosting it, I think everyone had a GREAT time!

Family is Forever

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  1. I know I had a great time! It was so nice that we all (except Jim) were able to be together. Thanks Linda and Kyle for opening your home to us!