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Sunday, October 17, 2010

ALCS Game 2

Last night we got to witness the first home playoff win in Ranger history. It was awesome! We got up early and headed for a day of tailgating and then the game. We started by making a trip to chick-fil-a, where we picked up a nugget tray. It was DELICIOUS!!

People had groups everywhere, it was so fun.

A couple of guys came around to all the tailgaters and sold us these shirts

I thought they were so cute, and since they lost the last time we were there, I decided to change my shirt to this one!

I also painted my toenails to match the Rangers! :)

It was a very nice day outside and I wanted to lay on the grassy hill, the other three made fun of me, but Stacy did come take a picture.

We could see everything from our seats

The crowd, once again was awesome

This guy announced himself as our section leader, and led us in chants and various things. At one time, we were the only section still standing and cheering!

Nolan Ryan after the first playoff home victory!!!!

The fireworks were good!

The place was going crazy!

We wanted a picture of all 4 of us, so we asked a lady outside the ballpark. Some random guy thought he would join our picture too!

The atmosphere after the game was so much fun. Everyone was throwing up the claw and antlers to all the other fans!

We had a great time cheering on the Rangers!!

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  1. Hi! katie, pics so so cute! and those "toes" rock!! laying in grass is way too cool! I watched from my chair!! Sounded like you all had fun! Have a wonderful Monday!