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Friday, October 29, 2010

Fall Festival #1

Since Stacy and I work at different schools now, we have two different fall festivals that we can attend. Thankfully, they weren't on the same night this year. When Matthew got off work, we headed to Yantis to see Reese and have fun at his school's fall festival. Stacy has been really sick lately and didn't get to go, but hopefully she is getting better and can come to our school's festival tomorrow night. The boys favorite thing by far of the night, was the choo choo train. They had so much fun riding it together!

Here they are waiting in line at the football throw. As you can tell, Nathan wore his clown costume, but he would not wear his hat longer than 2 seconds. He still made a cute clown though! Reese was Wolverine!!!

Nathan, Gammy, Me, and Reese

PawPaw got him to wear his hat for a QUICK picture!

Reese throwing the football

Nathan's turn...



Nathan was not into stopping the fun to pose for a family photo...haha!

Two cute cousins who are too cute!!!

Ghost bowling...look at those muscles!

Nathan's turn

Bean bag throw

Ghost eyes!

I know I am bias but, he is SO CUTE!!

Playing ring around the Rosey while waiting to ride the train again....Thanks Braleigh for teaching him that!

This picture is so sweet....Reese had his arm around Nathan and he was telling him how he needed to stay seated and that he would watch out for him on the train! So sweet!

They rode the train 4 times! We missed Stacy, but had a blast and we are hoping that we have this much fun tomorrow night at the Mill festival!!


  1. OMG! this is so cute! those little boy's just so go together actually they look like brothers! Hope Stacy is feeling better; I am praying for her! Hope you all have a fun-filled wk-end!

  2. FUN DAY!!! I love my family so much! Gammy

  3. They are so cute together! You both have precious boys!