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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Fall Festival #2

Fall festival #2 was at our school on Saturday night. We decided to spike Nathan's hair and put some color in it, and paint his face to look more like a clown since he wasn't a fan of his hat. He did not like us fixing him up, but I think he turned out so cute!!

Pawpaw, Gammy, Aunt Stacy, Uncle Chris, and Reese all got to come!

And so did Papa and Colton!

Papa with Nathan and Colton

Reese as Wolverine!

Reese got to see some of his old friends at Martin's Mill

Taylor "Munns" and Nathan

Gammy was cracking Nathan up! He loves her!

Nathan with Emily and Haily!
He has a bunch of girlfriends!

This slide was his favorite, he loved it!

So did Reese....

The boys eating their suckers!

Gammy and Nathan sharing a corn dog

Ready to play some more games..

It was another great night of fun!!!!

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