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Monday, November 15, 2010

Bragging a little......

Ok, so I know it is a typical mom thing to want to brag about your child, I normally don't like to be typical, but I am going to brag on my little Nathan for just a little bit.......

Before I tell you the story, I want you to keep in mind that he is 21 1/2 months old. Not even 2 yet!

Tonight we were in the living room playing, he brought me a coloring book and said, "color". I don't keep the crayons where he can reach them or have access to them 24/7 for obvious reasons, so he knows if he wants to color, he has to ask me. I went and got the colors for him. He pulled them all out of the box and onto the floor and started coloring with me. He was naming EVERY color in the box as he was coloring with them, even naming the ones he was handing me. As we were coloring pictures of animals, he would say, "color blue eyes" as he was coloring the eyes blue, or "color feet green"! I was so impressed with this, that I started testing him and asking him to color different things different colors. He got almost all of them correct! I was so impressed with him. As I was sitting there in my proud mommy moment, he pointed to the words at the bottom of the page that said, perrr-fect pet, and can you believe it....he started telling me the letters!! He knew all of the letters except the c!!! We work on letters and colors, but tonight, he totally impressed me and I am one proud mommy!!!  I love this little boy!!!


  1. He is so stinkin' cute! =) He was naming them the other night when he colored with me.

  2. He is a smart & cute little boy. SUCH A JOY!! Gammy

  3. Hi! Katie, this is so precious, wow! he really is smart, Savor every moment, I know you probally have been told this but please don't miss a thing! He will grow so fast! Our babies are truly a blessing from God! Have a great evening coloring:)))))!

  4. It's okay to brag!! He is such a cute little boy, and apparently pretty smart!! You have every right to be proud!!