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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Date Weekend!

This weekend, Matthew and I had a date night weekend! Friday when I got home, we headed to Dallas to stay the night at the Westin Hotel. It was super nice! When we got there, they updated our room to a mini suite and gave us coupons for a free breakfast. It was awesome. After getting settled in, we went to dinner at Benihanas!!! The food was great :) If you have never been, I suggest you try it out if you like that kind of food. Our table was full of people, and we got to meet the sweetest little old couple that had been going to that very restaurant for the past 20 years. I love meeting new people and hearing their stories. The lady took a picture for us, its a little blurry, but I was just glad to get a picture of us.

Saturday morning we woke up, and went down to the lobby to eat our free breakfast. It was a good thing it was free, because our bill for two buffets was $45! We couldn't believe that. We both got to-go drinks to make it fill like it was worth our money coupons! We then headed to a park to meet my cousin and some her friends to play flag football. We signed up to be in a tournament. Our team was the "Favre Dollar Footlongs" We played 2 games, then we left for the ranger game, but our team played three games. We didn't win the tournament, but had a lot of fun. (I will say that Matthew and I are so sore, we can barely move today, lol) It was fun though!

Me and Matthew

Samantha and Me

Our team

Favre Dollar Footlongs

Like I said earlier, we had to leave the tournament early because we got tickets to the Rangers Playoff game! We met Stacy and Chris there. Stacy had cooked all morning so we could tailgate before the game. I have never seen so many people tailgating before a ranger game before. It was so fun! Ryan and Amanda were there watching the game, so they came and ate some of Stacy's good food with us. 

The outside of the ballpark was amazing, but nothing compared to the atmosphere on the inside. It was so awesome! Over 50,000 Ranger fans were in attendance. Unfortunately they didn't win, but it was great experience and a lot of fun!
My Kinsler tattoo!

At the ballpark

Nolan Ryan statue

Jeff and Kelly were there, so we met up and visited with them for a little while. It was great to see them!

Someone put antlers on Nolan!

Me and Stacy


The crowd was amazing!


This "pom-pom lady" kept cracking us up!

We had a great time! Just wish they would have clinched the series while we there, but it was great time!

Sunday morning, I woke up and headed to Tyler for the Tyler Rose Marathon, Half Marathon, and 5K. I just ran the 5K with my cousin, aunt, and uncle. My cousin Travis ran the half and did awesome! He got third in his age group!! Here are some pictures after the race, and of Travis finishing.

 Travis did great!

Me, Aunt Laura, Uncle James, Travis, and Samantha

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  1. wOw! KATIE, you just made me tired! but you are young and so pretty! But it is so awesome to see you young things making life happen!, glad you had fun! Laughter:) is Good medicine!