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Sunday, April 17, 2011

big boy = buzz toy!

Nathan is becoming a big boy way too fast! We moved him to a big boy bed this week, and made his room look like a little boys room instead of a nursery. I've been a little sad about that, but happy at the same time. A couple of months ago, I tried to interest Nathan in going to potty. A few times he would say he needed to poop, so we would go and find out that he had already pooped. I would still sit him on the potty, but he really didn't have much interest in it at all. I didn't press the issue, and haven't mentioned it or taken him to sit on the potty since.

Today, we were watching toy story and he looks at me and says, "I pooped." I said "really?" because he had already pooped twice today. He then ran to me and said, "I need to go to my potty." I said ok, and was took him into his bathroom, expecting to take off his diaper and see that he had already pooped. To my surprise, he hadn't. So I sat him on the potty and guess what.....he pooped!

I was so excited and so was he! We danced and sang and hugged. I sent a couple of text messages out, then we ran outside to see daddy who was mowing the yard. Dad was just as excited as we were, and took him around the yard on the lawn mower a few times (Nathan loves that). He got a few phone calls from people telling him how much of a big boy he was. We continued to celebrate!!

About 30 minutes later, he said the same thing. "Momma, I need to poop in my potty" I took him in there because I figured I made such a big deal out of it, he wanted to do it again. To my surprise again, he pooped again!

 Ok twice in one day deserves a new toy!! So we loaded up and went to Walmart. This is what he picked out......

Every big boy deserves a buzz light year toy!!!!

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