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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Jesus Calms the Storm

Last night was crazy! There were several tornadoes around us. Matthew was gone, so it was just me and Nathan at the house. I am crazy terrified of storms, so it only made it worse that Matthew wasn't there to be the calm one. I HAD to be calm for Nathan. This was accomplished with much prayer! (not just by me, had several texts that had people praying for us). There prayers worked, because I only almost lost it one time!

I put a blanket down in the floor of the bathroom, took several books, block, and a card game in there, and even took our dinner in the bathroom. We were in the bathroom for about 2 minutes when the lights went out. This freaked Nathan out, because it was so dark. We were in the bathroom that didn't have a window.  I calmed him down and we turned on the flashlights. (with all the scentsy that we had, I realized that I didn't have one candle to light) I was telling him how much fun it was to have a pick nick in the bathroom by flashlight! (haha!) He got on board and we had fun shining the light on the different bites we would take. We read every single book, built a block house, played memory, and did flashlight puppets. Nathan really thought it was cool to see his shadow and make different shapes with his hands. We would pray for the storm to calm and for the lights to come back on, then play some more, then pray some more.

Matthew called and told us it was ok to come out of the bathroom, so we sat on the couch and played games on my iPhone. Thank goodness for iphones!! We found out that the tornado came right over our house. The only damage it did was to our chimney, and a little water came through our fireplace.

When the lights came back on, we said a prayer of thanks and I heard Nathan say "Thank you Jesus!" It was the sweetest thing I have ever heard. All the storms and tornadoes were worth it to hear him say those three words.

I did snap a picture of him right before the lights went off. Here he is in the bathroom floor with one of his books!

Thank you Jesus for calming our storm!

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  1. Hi! Katie, oh! the Love of Jesus! and to hear that baby say that is so precious! He's learning by your example! Love this! and so Thankful all was well!