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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

4th of July!

HaPpY 4tH oF jUlY!!

This year we went to Quitman for two days, spending one with Matthew's side of the family, and the other with my side. The Skinner's had a pool and a slip-n-slide set up. Nathan loves playing in the water and as soon as we got there, that is what he wanted to do!

He has so much fun playing in the water :)

After all the playing, it was time for some snack!
I think Nathan likes watermelon as much as me :)

Me and Jamie

Colton and Sharon

Ethan was pretending to be a muddy monster, Holli and Nathan were loving it.

After all the water play, we came inside and Mimi had 4th of July goodie bags for the kids.

Nathan was excited

The next morning, I opened some presents for my birthday before we left.

I got some nice things!

Nathan picked out silly hats for all his cousins, so right before we left, we snapped a few pictures.

Colton didn't want in the picture

We then headed to my parents house and gave Reese his silly hat, and Rozlynn a bow!

They are so cute :)

My mom had a birthday cake for me, it was one of my favorite kinds!!

Nathan enjoyed licking the candles!

I got to open a few more presents before we went out and played on the water slides!

Reese drew this sweet card for me. It is his and Rozlynn's hand in the shape of I love you :)

Nathan loves playing with Travis :)

Water slide time!

More watermelon :)

Nathan was following Aunt Wawa (Laura)  around all day!

We had a great time at both houses!

We headed back home to unpack, then we went to town to meet Matthew (who had to work all weekend :/ ) to watch some fireworks.

We met up with some friends to watch the show!

Nathan thought it was so cool to see all the colors in the sky!

Happy 4th everyone!

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