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Friday, July 1, 2011

Beaver's Bend Day 1

For our vacation this year, we headed to Beaver's Bend Oklahoma to stay for five days in a very nice cabin with the rest of my family. We had so much fun, and I took way too many pictures. I am going to have to break it down by days so don't overload the uploader!
It was so nice to just get away and go camping. Beaver's Bend State Park is just beautiful, I enjoyed every minute of it.
Here we are loaded and leaving the house!

When we got there, Gammy gave Nathan his very own DS! He was excited because that's all that Reese plays and he likes to do the same things as his big cousin. She bought him a wonder pets game so it was age appropriate :) Thanks Gammy!

Baby Rozlynn is always looking so cute in her big bows!

We put a kiddie pool on the deck by the hot tub for the boys to splash in...

And by splash I mean that Nathan will completely soak you with all of his splashing!

Then it was time to go inside and play some DS!

Me and Rozlynn

We then went for some coffee at the local shop but when we got there, they were already closed, so we just took pictures of the kids at the pond near by!

We ended the first day with snow cones for the boys, then headed back to the cabin and watched the guys fry us some fresh fish!!

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