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Friday, July 1, 2011

Beaver's Bend Day 3

Day Three was full of fun stuff!

We started by riding the train around part of the park. The boys were so excited to ride it. Nathan kept singing, "All aboard the choo choo train, all aboard the choo choo train"

They wanted to ride together...

But as soon as it started, Nathan crawled back in between Mommy and Daddy!

We saw three deer. I couldn't really get a good picture, but you can see it here.

Nathan really enjoyed it and loved looking for the animals that we could see!

We went to the candy/ice cream shop afterwards.
Reese picked cotton candy!

Nathan picked a big sucker!

Later that day we went to Janet's treasure chest because they had an animal land. We did build a buddy.

Nathan picked a black dog. Here he is pushing the button to stuff his dog.

Kissing the heart!

All finished :)

Reese picked a raccoon.

OOPS! A little too much stuffing :) We had white stuff everywhere!

All finished :)

Reese named his Bandit and Nathan named his Lucy.

We then went to a few more souvenir shops and took some more pictures of the cute kids!

After shopping, we decided to get in the hot tub....we turned the heater down for the boys so it was like a little swimming pool.

Nathan is the master splasher!!

After dinner, the boys went fishing and the girls and kids played a little putt-putt!

They were so cute playing.

He didn't understand why it took his ball at the end. He kept going back and checking for it.
We all had such a good time playing!

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