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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Dinner Play Mates!!

This weekend, we were supposed to go to the deer lease with my family. The girls just pretty much hang out while the boys work on all the stands and start getting things ready for deer season. We were going to leave Saturday morning due to  a class matthew was in late Friday night. About 7:30 on Friday evening, Nathan started throwing up. Needless to say, we had to stay home this weekend. We were really sad that we had to miss seeing the family, but had to get Nathan well. Mom and Dad came down Sunday night so they could see Nathan and eat dinner with us. Nathan was so excited to see them :)

I don't think him and Gammy stopped playing for 5 minutes.

He enjoyed playing with someone besides us I think.

Thank for coming Gammy and PawPaw, we love you!


  1. Just ran across your blog from a friend's blog. Enjoyed reading :)

  2. thanks! We had so much fun playing and a great meal. Love you, Gammy

  3. Hi! Katie, ok~ are you and your sister ok?...haven't seen posts from you all in a few weeks! Hope all is well! Happy:) Fall! to you and your famiy.