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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Fun in the Sun...

To celebrate (more like its coming rather I like it or not) my last week of summer with Nathan, we decided to have all his cousins and friends over to play with us. We set up all his toys and rented a water slide for the day. I think all the kids had a great time, and I sure enjoyed visiting with all the adults and watching the kids have so much fun!

Nathan and Colton playing at the sand table

Reese, Holli, and Riley getting ready to go down

Kolbi going down

Reese having a blast!

Braleigh's turn :)

Reese again!

Gatlin playing in the fort

Nathan at the sand table still...he loves that thing!

Holli and Colton doing bubbles on the trampoline

Kolbi, Nathan, and Riley




Holli and Colton taking a turn with the blue sand!

Holli, Nathan, Riley, Reese, Ty, Gatlin and Kolbi!
How many can fit on one mini-trampoline???

Nathan enjoying his popsickle!

The adults!

Nathan playing in his fort

Lunch time!!

We had a pick-nick!! 22 corn dogs were eaten!!

Nathan was scared to do the slide when all his friends were over, but as soon as daddy got home from work, they had a lot of fun on it!

I sure do love my two boys!

We had a great time and this may just have to be a tradition every year before school starts back!


  1. Hi! Katie, just loved all these pics., weddings pics were so cute of Nathan., He is such a darling "little Man"! and family time of back to school was so cute! daughter/granddaughter & me~ went to see the "Smurfs" last week! it is so cute! Have a "SMURFIN" GOOD DAY!:)

  2. Thanks Kay! We have had a great summer, I am going to miss him like crazy when I have to go back next week!!! Have a good weekend!