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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Taylor and Jay's Wedding

Last Saturday night, we celebrated Taylor and Jay's wedding. Taylor is special to us in SOOO many ways. She was the point guard of my first team to win a state championship as an assistant coach. She was the one who jumped into my arms after the final buzzer went off. Her family is so precious to us. They have been more that parents of students. They have invited us into their home many times, we have gone to eat with them many times, and when Nathan came along, they have HELPED unselfishly!! I always know that no matter what, I can call them at ANY time (day or night) and they would come running to help us in whatever way we needed them. Last year, when Nathan's babysitter went on maternity leave, guess who stepped up and said don't worry at all, we will keep Nathan! This year Taylor is actually going to be his full time babysitter and Nathan is so excited! He loves his Tay Tay (well he loves all the Daniel's) and I can't blame him, because I love them all too!

Here is Nathan with the beautiful bride Taylor! He had to "kiss the bride"

Nathan and Madi

Waiting in line for the money dance!

Money dance with Taylor!

He sure does love her

He asked the flower girl to dance...

And they were ADORABLE

Just look at them go!

Nathan and Londyn!

I would be ok with this one day :)

Then it was Mollie's turn..

Jay and Rozlynn dancing!

They Happy Couple playing a funny game :)

Nathan had a BLAST!

Matthew and I with the bride

More Dancing

Nathan had some serious moves, and he NEVER left the dance floor (except to walk to the back and get a drink, but he was dancing the WHOLE way)

"jump, jump, jump around"


showing more of his moves....

He was a hit on the dance floor!!

He made all sorts of new friends

Hello....we have had too much sugar!!

crazy cousins dancing all over the place :)

Nathan with Jojo

hugs for Tay Tay

Matthew dancing with Rozlynn, she was smiling so big!

This is a boy on a sugar high! 3 trips to the candy buffet and some cake :)

Me and my crazy boy!

Allie singing to Nathan

Dancing with Mommy! It was finally my turn!!

All the beautiful Daniel Girls!

Thanks for letting us be a part of your lives!

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