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Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday Night

We had a fun tonight. Stacy suprised me and picked up Nathan after school while I was helping clean the church. He got to spend some time with his Aunt Stacy, Uncle Chris, and Reese. He had a great time! Uncle Chris left for a game, so Stacy and Reese came over to play. We played hard, and ate cookies!

Nathan thought it was so funny to sit on his cousin....

His cousin thought it was pretty funny too.....

They have a great time together!

Reese was showing me his "big booty" :)

Thanks Reese for coming to play with us!

Later, we had some more visitors, Mrs. Judy and Payton. Nathan was happy to see them as well. We love having company! He was putting his lovie on Payton's head and then pulling it off and laughing so hard. It was too cute!

He then decided to give everyone "eskimo kisses"

Payton thought it was funny!

and so did Nathan!

We had a great Friday night!

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  1. We had so much fun! I was so glad to steal him or a little while, he made my week...it had not gone so great ya know. As Reese said when we got home, "Mom, Nathan is just the best and his is so cute." I second that! I can't wait to keep him again tomorrow...it's going to be so much fun.